Ultimate Golfing Holiday at Saltburn: Perfect Strokes, Perfect Stay

Ultimate Golfing Holiday at Saltburn: Perfect Strokes, Perfect Stay

A golfer’s paradise nestles between the picturesque locations of Brotton, Saltburn, and Middlesbrough, offering some of the most enchanting golf courses in the UK. For avid golfers seeking a blend of splendid games and luxurious stays, Saltburn Holiday Lets stand as the unparalleled choice, offering a fusion of proximity to the courses and a chance to immerse in the scenic beauty of the area, making it the best choice for an ultimate golfing holiday.

Breathtaking view of the lush fairways at Brotton Golf Course under a clear blue sky

Brotton Golf Course: A Scenic Game Hunley Golf Club

Brotton Golf Course, encapsulating a true blend of tranquility and challenge, provides an exquisite playing experience amidst lush greenery and meticulous landscaping. Furthermore, its unique layout and striking surroundings guarantee a rewarding game for golfers of all levels.

Golfer enjoying a vibrant sunset game at Saltburn Golf Course, with the sprawling green in the foreground

The Allure of Saltburn Golf Course at Saltburn Golf Club

Positioned amidst the stunning landscapes of Saltburn, the local golf course is not only a challenge for the skilled golfer but also a visual treat. This meticulously maintained course ensures that every swing is accompanied by a backdrop of unparalleled natural beauty, heightening the pleasure of the game.

Meticiculous greens can be found at our seaside golf courses at saltburn and Brotton visit saltburn holiday lets for an ultimate golfing holiday

Middlesbrough Golf Course: Excellence in Every Swing at Middlesbrough Golf Club

Venture a bit further, and Middlesbrough Golf Course awaits with its finely honed fairways and meticulous greens, ensuring an optimal golfing experience. The balance of challenging play and invigorating surroundings creates an ambiance that has golf enthusiasts returning time and again.

Saltburn Holiday Lets

Saltburn Holiday Lets: The Ideal Golfer’s Retreat

For those seeking not just a game, but an immersive golfing holiday, Saltburn Holiday Lets promise a homely yet luxurious stay. Not only are they conveniently located near the aforementioned golf courses, but they also provide a peaceful retreat after a day on the fairways. Moreover, explore beyond the golf courses, and Saltburn unfolds as a haven of scenic walks, delectable cuisine, and inviting local shops.

Exploring Beyond the Courses: Visiting North East England

While the golf courses offer days of engrossing play, the surrounding areas of Saltburn, Brotton, and Middlesbrough provide a wealth of experiences off the course. Discover lush landscapes, visit local attractions, and indulge in regional culinary delights, ensuring your golfing holiday is peppered with a variety of enjoyable exploits.

2023 British Cycling National Road Race Championships Coming To Saltburn!

British National Road Championships 2023: Thrilling Races Unveiled in Redcar and Cleveland

Excitement is in the air as the British Cycling National Road Race Championships are set to descend upon our picturesque coastal town of Redcar and Cleveland. From 21st to 25th June, the area will witness the crowning of 10 national champions across three days of intense racing. The highlight of the event will be the dramatic finish up the infamous Saltburn Bank, a climb that promises to test the mettle of the competing cyclists. Join us as we unveil the thrilling route details and the local fervor surrounding this prestigious sporting spectacle.

Stay at Saltburn Holiday lets during the 5 day event. We have 4 luxury dog friendly holiday lets within a short walk to Saltburn Beach and the the race actually passes our Holiday cottages!

Time Trial:

The championships will kick off on Wednesday, 21st June, with the time trial event taking place in neighboring North Yorkshire. Starting and finishing at Croft Circuit’s pit lane, riders will embark on a fast and flat course through the scenic roads of Dalton-on-Tees. The elite men will complete three laps, totaling 41.1km, while the under-23 women, under-23 men, and elite women will tackle two laps, covering 27.4km. With minimal climbing, expect lightning-fast times on one of the swiftest courses in the history of the national championships.

Circuit Race:

On Friday, 23rd June, the attention turns to the tight and technical 1km circuit in the captivating seaside town of Redcar. Riders will commence the circuit races on the seafront before navigating the high street. Both men’s and women’s races will consist of 55 minutes of high-speed action, followed by five laps. Get ready for an exhilarating spectacle as the competitors showcase their skills and tactics on the challenging circuit.

Road Race:

The grand finale of the championships will take place on Sunday, 25th June, with the road races starting and finishing just after the daunting Saltburn Bank climb. With a maximum gradient of over 22%, this climb, characterized by tight hairpin bends, promises to be the ultimate test of strength and endurance. The route encompasses an 18.8km loop, with the women completing seven laps (132km) and the men conquering ten laps (189km). As the riders venture through the scenic villages of East Cleveland, passing historic landmarks like Skelton Castle and the old mining sites in Kilton, they will experience a challenging mix of longer drags and punchy hills. The breathtaking coastal backdrop will add to the excitement as they ascend Saltburn Bank towards the finish line.

Local Enthusiasm:

Charlie Tanfield, a Great Britain Cycling Team rider representing Saint Piran, expresses his enthusiasm for racing on his home roads in Redcar and Cleveland. He reminisces about his early cycling days, tackling the local hills and chasing the more seasoned climbers. Tanfield praises the region’s cycling culture and the exceptional roads and climbs it offers, making it a magnet for cyclists nationwide. The championships’ arrival will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of riders, while providing a boost to the local economy and showcasing the area’s natural beauty and cycling potential.


Prepare for an adrenaline-filled sporting extravaganza as the British Cycling National Road Race Championships grace the scenic landscapes of Redcar and Cleveland. From the lightning-fast time trials to the exhilarating circuit races and the ultimate challenge of conquering Saltburn Bank, this event promises to captivate both cycling enthusiasts and local residents alike. Let us embrace the spirit of competition and celebrate the incredible athleticism on display as riders from across the country vie for the honor of donning the national champion’s jersey.

Northern Lights In Saltburn

Can I See the Northern Lights From Saltburn?

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, can be spotted off the coast of Saltburn, If you find a nice secluded spot or by the coast without much artificial light you will be sure to be amazed. Longer nights and increased geomagnetic activity means a higher chance of catching the aurora borealis.

When Is Northern Lights Season?

There is no official season since the northern lights are almost always present, day and night. Caused by charged particles from the sun hitting atoms in Earth’s atmosphere and releasing photons, it’s a process that happens constantly. However, they most often occur around 65º to 70º North latitudes — the Arctic Circle — which only gets significant darkness between September and March.

What Is The best Time To See The Northern Lights?

The strongest lights tend to appear between 9pm and 2am, though the best sightings often occur between 11pm and midnight.

Which direction do you look for Northern Lights?

Always look in the direction north when hunting Northern Lights.

How Long Do Northern Lights Last In A Night?

A good display may last for no longer than 15-30 minutes at a time, although if you’re really lucky, it could extend to a couple of hours or longer. To see the Northern lights, the sky needs to be dark and clear of any clouds. Some people claim the aurora comes out when temperatures are colder.

Can You See Northern Lights With Naked Eyes?

Yes. If the Northern Lights are strong enough you can see them with your naked eye. However, most photographs of the Northern Lights are taken with special camera setups, and at least a long shutter speed.

Come And See The Northern Lights In Saltburn

Visit Saltburn Today and make your visit extra special by seeing the Northern Lights, you could stay in one of our 4 dog friendly holiday cottages, Farm Retreat, Stable Yard, Paddock View or Barn Side, only a stones throw from the saltburn coast and the Cleveland Way.